We bring a complete array of skills to the table when we are the production company.

One of the most vital aspects are professional, experienced people. This is an area where we have virtually unparalleled ability.

Sometimes what might seem the most boring aspects of film finance, i.e., budgets, budget adherence, good payroll systems and production accounting are, in fact, the key elements that will make the eligibility and financeability of your production a success.

From the first draft of a script through all stages of production, we can boast the highest level of expertise. Experience in this field does not come over weeks or even months. Rather, it is born out of long years of creative and technical know-how, together with a passion and commitment concerning the industry, allied with the ability to choose the right talent with which to surround each project, always remembering that no two projects are alike. For instance, there are many great DP's, but choosing the one who can best capture the mood, tone and feel of your particular project is an art unto itself.

Similarly, with the choice of editors, some understand performance and some understand action. There are, of course other vital attributes required and, perhaps, none more vital than pacing.

The motion picture business, and please remember that it is called show business and not show art, is a business where the combination of money and experience are the vital elements. We pride ourselves in this very combination.

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